NEWS – release 2.11 – November 1st 2005

Back at last after a seven month absence with a modest update to keep things ticking over until I return from Vietnam at the end of November. You will see that our charity appeal page for Beating Bowel Cancer has disappeared but the appeal continues until November 19th and you can still reach it by clicking here or on the "charity appeal" link in the main navigation bar

Included in this release is "Unknown", the one shot derivative "From Unknown Worlds" and the British editions of both, also what sketchy information I have on the Australian/New Zealand edition. My thanks to Alistair Durie who contributed a number of images for the British edition.

Please see below if you have installed Windows XP SP2 and the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Visco is a visual catalogue of the cover art of the science fiction, fantasy, weird and horror fiction magazines from the early twentieth century to the present day.

What has changed in Visco

This latest version contains 81 new images, bringing the total to 3631 from 100 titles/editions. There are no technical changes but I have now removed the charity appeal page at the entry to the site. It will still be accessible here for another few weeks, also from the "Charity appeal" link in the navigation bar at the top of each page.

Go here for the short index of magazines now covered in Visco. Titles new in this release or updated since the last are highlighted in red.
Go here for my wants list of missing images or images needed for forthcoming titles. Can anyone help with the Australian magazines "Science Fiction Monthly" (not to be confused with the UK title of the same name) and "Popular Science Fiction"? I am hoping over the next couple of months to add most of the remaining British and British reprint tiles and as many of the Canadian editions as I can track down and would appreciate contributions to any of those.

Windows XP SP2
Please note a possible annoyance if you have installed Windows XP SP2 and the latest version of Internet Explorer. This latest Windows software has, for admirable reasons, facilities to block pop-ups and unwanted active content. However, my site uses active content (Javascript) to manage the artist index and you may find that some windows are blocked when you try to access it. You should be able to get round this simply by changing your security settings to allow active content on this site, which you can do for this site alone without relaxing security for other sites. Though Microsoft’s motives for this update are no doubt benign and helpful, I find the way they have implemented this change extremely obtrusive and annoying, but it isn’t just my site that suffers.

As always, I am very keen to get your feedback on any aspect of the site; anything from links that don’t work, pages that don’t display properly, readability problems, data errors, even simple spelling mistakes. I also welcome suggestions for the future development of the site. You can contact me at the following email address:

Welcome to Visco and enjoy your visit!